Some free singles for you!

Oh guys! Oddstreet in English? Why not? We have an English name, we both love Anglosaxon culture and watch American films so... What's the problem?

Today I have some new free singles for you, artists are thinking in looking modern, in getting close to their fans and to show a progresist thinking, that's good for us, they give us new and good quality tracks for free and then, when they release the album we download it for free.

First of the tracks are from Niños Mutantes, that boys from Granada will release the new album in a few days and we can download for free 3 tracks. "No puedo" & "Predicador" sounds like the other album songs, good lyrics and good continuing sound. Maybe people could think that a continuist album is boring but I do not know how they put a new and fresh touch in their songs, "Mundos", the other song is a little bit rocky and noisy. Highly Recommended.

The second one is by the british band Late of the Pier, you can download for free the single released on 3rd March. I prefer the original track "The Bears are Coming" than the remix but, at least, listening to that guys is really interesting, they surprised me with Fantasy Black Channel, I still get mad when I hear "Focker" or "Hot Tent Blues". Sick songs!

A month ago, Marilyn Manson gave us We are from America but it seems to be available no more on his website, but you can download Battle for the Sun by Placebo on his website, Mr Black & Me agreed that Placebo keeps doing it as good as hell.

Enjoy it!

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hey guys!! Great idea about posting in English! I'll do it someday...
Meanwhile I'll listen to these bands you offer, I just know Placebo by heart ;)

Anónimo dijo...

and... talking about singles... try this remix of Use Somebody

María dijo...

great new song, it´s a shame that is not the single. however, i listened "for what it´s worth" this morning and i think it´s a little bit disapponting.
ves, yo también se escribir en inglés!

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